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Hi, I'm Kinnik Sky.

I'm here to help you level the playing field. Time nor age are determining factors on how fast or slow your acting career will progress. It takes foundational knowledge of acting, an understanding of the industry, time invested in perfecting your craft and training, training, training.

I've got you covered. Let's get you enrolled so we can continue this journey.

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For so many people, acting is a hobby that they wish they could turn into a full time career. They just don't know HOW.

This course gives you the information you need to build a strong foundation in your understanding of what casting directors are looking for, how to nail a self-tape, key ways to stand out from other actors and more!

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Course Expectation

Developing a Versatile Skill Set
Improved Emotional Rang
Enhanced Auditioning Skills
Developing a Versatile Skill Set
Scene Analysis Proficiency
Effective Communication Techniques
Physicality and Movement Mastery
Character Development Strategies
Voice Control and Projection and alot more

Coaching Emmy Winner Mykal-Michelle on the set of Mixed-ish

Working closely with the director of The Disney Descendants franchise

Behind scenes on Disney's Cheaper By the Dozen

Behind the scenes on Disney's Cheaper By the Dozen

Working with Oscar winning director Mathew Cherry

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